Outdoor lighting installation
Work visible on the roof of the Espace Mendès-France (Poitiers)

A lighthouse lamp is topped by a beam of light pointing towards the North Star; a metaphorical way of calling on humanity to find its bearings, to reorient itself in more accurate values. Every evening at nightfall, the lighthouse emits Morse code signals, which correspond to messages collected from healthcare workers and hospital staff - 185 messages overall, organized thematically and spread over 11 days of exhibition: a way of paying tribute to these people, by making their words exist in the public space, since their demands and "pre-Covid" cries of alarm have long been ignored. The use of luminous Morse code, an international language mainly used in cases of distress, aims to highlight the urgency of the situation, the need for a collective awareness.

Construction : Charly Pin 
Programming : Alain Chautard
Lighting advice : Prisme Éclairage

A commission of the Espace Mendès-France Poitiers, co-produced with Le Lieu Multiple