Site-specific sound installation
Number of speakers and dimensions are variable

Faire les cent pas was commissioned by the art centre l'Être Lieu (Arras, France) to create an artwork for its inauguration that would resonate directly with the site, its history and its architecture.

I then imagined going through the whole building to detect the presence of electromagnetic waves, which occupy the space even more subtly than we do without being seen, heard or felt.  

After having built antennas that could convert these waves into sound, I wandered through the building with this device, conceiving time not as a linear space but rather as a layered composition; as if the sites could keep in memory the presence of those who had lived there or travelled through them. 

Faire les cent pas was a way of hoping that in the undifferentiated sounds collected, there would also be traces of the past, pieces of presence, ghostly persistence.

For the exhibition at l'Être Lieu, the sound recordings were made with Sébastien Cabour and the set-up of the installation was done with Quentin Denimal.

A second version of this installation was created in the former Coop de Strasbourg wine cellar for the Osospshere Festival in 2017. The sound recording and mixing were done with Quentin Denimal and the graphic design of the publication with Crystelle Bédard.



この作品は、アートセンターl'Être Lieu(フランス、アラス)からの依頼で、その場所、歴史、建築と直接共鳴するような、開館記念作品を制作するために作られました。



audio sample | 2 min