Born in Quebec (Canada), Véronique Béland has been living in France since 2010, where she graduated from the Studio national des arts contemporains le Fresnoy (Michael Snow Promotion, 2010-2012). She also holds a master's degree in visual and media arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal. 

Her practice, which gravitates between media arts and literature, focuses on elusive phenomena on a human scale, in a constant attempt to explore what seems empty to reveal its content. Through various protocols of transcoding, which convoke both the worlds of art and science, her works seek to create contact between the perceptible and the imperceptible, from which a certain form of narrative emerges.

Since 2005, her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal). In recent years, she has been awarded several prizes of excellence and various research grants. She has also conducted multiple "mission-residencies" as well as artistic and cultural education projects in France and abroad. 

In 2014, she published with Catherine Tremblay the book of photographic correspondence "Elles [collectionnent] des mondes" at Les éditions du Renard. She’s also the author of the collection of poetry "Le vide de la distance n’est nulle part ailleurs" (2016) and the book "Malgré les collines - égarements cartographiques dont vous êtes le héros" (2017), both published by sun|sun.​​​​​​​