Photographic correspondence with the artist Catherine Tremblay

Project created in 2 steps: 
- 18 photographs taken between September 2009 and January 2010
-104 photographs taken at the rate of one image per week / per artist during the 52 weeks of the year 2011.

All this correspondence is available in a book, published by Éditions du Renard.

In 2009, while we were master's students at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Catherine and I witnessed a peculiar phenomenon: despite the absence of any physical resemblance between us, our colleagues kept confusing us. It is true that our artistic approaches were complementary - and our life experiences strangely similar. 

I was about to go to France as an exchange student. Catherine had taken a similar course the year before, so we thought we'd take advantage of this event to anticipate our perpetual feeling of déjà vu. 

Digging through the prints she had made during her time in France, Catherine selected about 20 to give to me - a bit of a wink, perhaps a hint. For six months, they accompanied me everywhere. With the cheap digital compact camera that was always lying around at the bottom of my bag, I began to instinctively photograph these images within my own story, searching with my fingertips for a correspondence between our two time-spaces, between the present and the absent - a way of confronting our different memories to create new, fictional ones.


アーティストCatherine Tremblayとの写真による往復書簡
この通信はすべて、Éditions du Renardから出版された本で読むことができます。