Sound installation for heartbeat and MIDI piano
Inkjet printing on 42 x 420 cm folded paper and loudspeaker 
20 minutes, in a loop (variable dimensions)

During an artist residency at the Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Center, I observed the electrocardiograms of patients admitted to the neurology department. Although I was unable to make a medical reading of them, I found that the analytical features representing the the human heartbeat were strangely similar to the visualization of a sound waveform: an alternation of peaks and depressions on a line, marking various variations in amplitudes and frequencies.

With the permission of the Hospital Center and the patients, I gathered a series of electrocardiograms to create a graphic score, then interpreted by a sound synthesis software. The resulting sound envelope was later transposed into a MIDI piano score, where each note being played corresponds to a singular heartbeat.

With the support of DRAC and ARS Nord-Pas-de-Calais

42 x 420 cmの折り紙にインクジェットプリント、ラウドスピーカー 


audio sample | 2 min