based on Terra Incognita, an interactive installation by Pauline Delwaulle
sun|sun editions

Malgré les collines, whose narrative structure is based on the principle of the Gamebook, is based on toponyms from the installation Terra Incognita, which consists of an interactive world map devoid of any trace of History, where only the place names that bear witness to the landscape remain... but automatically translated into French, therefore creating lots of mismatches. From this purely poetic and shifted vision of the world, I could explore this planisphere that leads nowhere to develop a story that takes the form of a maze. At the end of each chapter, different possibilities are proposed to the reader, who is free to take the narrative path that suits him or her best. Depending on the choices and moods, this book thus reveals several facets, ways of going through the narrative that offer several endings: the description of the outer landscape then merges with the inner territory of the reader, who has become an explorer of horizons.

In the installation version, the 87 pages of the book are laid out side by side on a table in the shape of a logarithmic spiral, representing the golden ratio, around which the spectator must wander in order to progress in the reading of the story. The possible narrative choices are materialized by red threads, sort of analogical hyperlinks stretching in the space and occupying the whole center of the table. 

Véronique Béland
Graphic design of the book
Crystelle Bédard
Editorial follow-up
Céline Pévrier
Angelique Joyau

Born from the collaboration between sun|sun éditions and Bipolar productions, Les Immatériels collection proposes an editorial extension of multimedia installations resulting from a relationship between arts and sciences. This book is the second publication of the collection. It was co-financed by En attendant les cerises production - Poitiers and received the support of Rurart - Centre d’art contemporain.

インタラクティブ・インスタレーション「Terra Incognita」をベースにした作品 

その物語構造は「ゲームブック」の原理に基づいており、インスタレーション「Terra Incognita」の地名が基になっている。この地図は、歴史の痕跡が一切なく、風景の証となる地名だけが残っているインタラクティブな世界地図だが、自動的にフランス語に翻訳されているため、多くのミスマッチが生じる。この純粋に詩的でずれた世界観から、私はどこにもつながっていないこの平原を探索し、迷路のような形の物語を展開することができたのです。各章の終わりには、さまざまな可能性が読者に提示され、読者は自分に最も適した物語の道を自由に歩むことができます。外界の描写は、読者の内なる領域と融合し、読者は地平線の探検家になるのです。