Interactive installation (meteorite, Raspberry Pi, touch sensor, thermal printer, base)
Variable dimensions

This interactive piece invites the public to lay their hands for a few seconds on a touch sensor connected to a meteorite. The visitor then receives a message from the cosmos specially dedicated to him, a random text generated by the fluctuation of radio waves coming from the cosmos. 

Recombinaison originates from the installation This is Major Tom to Ground Control (2012) where this random text generator operates continuously, activated by the reception and analysis of radio waves picked up by a radiotelescope from the Observatoire de Paris. In this first version, the generated text is recited in real time by a synthesized voice, becoming in a way "the Voice of the Universe", then printed continuously on a dot-matrix printer in order to create an infinite archive of messages received from the cosmos. 

With Recombination, it’s rather the visitor's presence that makes the Universe speak; it’s the contact of his hand with this object formerly present in interplanetary space that generates this "spatial poetry".

Computer development: Guillaume Libersat