Collection of space poetry
sun|sun editions
13 x 18.5 x 1.5 cm

At the crossroads of art, science and literature, Le vide de la distance n'est nulle part ailleurs is the editorial paper extension of the installation This is Major Tom to Ground Control, an installation piece consisting of a random text generator controlled by the reception and analysis of radio waves from the cosmos. 

The book owes its title to the very first sentence produced by this device in 2012 . From then on, I was immediately tempted to dive into the flow of words generated by the machine to encounter poetry, to search for magic between the lines. In 2013, during an artist's residency, I read the 27,757 pages printed so far by the installation: a performance that lasted 45 days where I gradually lost track of time, making the same gesture repeatedly. During these 45 days, I had the feeling that duration became space, a vertical time where the beginning was no longer distinguishable from the end. There was no more difference between each moment, which accumulated in an overlapping movement. Only the preserved fragments of text, patiently retranscribed, could withstand the impression of constantly rereading the same page over and over again.

I read as if I was learning to speak, incorporating a voice that belonged to no one - or everyone. I then started to built with language the way others build monuments: using only raw materials. This is how the 11,545 fragments that I’d kept from this spatial corpus were patiently assembled, in a try-and-error and copy-paste game that lasted nearly two years. It was a way of making sense out of disparate elements, by drawing a path between collected traces.

The first few pages of the book seem to recall a night sky dotted with stars, lighting up as the eye gets used to the darkness. While a dark sky could be perceived as an absence of visible stars, here, black doesn’t mean emptiness : it rather represents a mass of information, made up of the plain text coming from the installation condensed until it appears overprinted. Slowly, the movement that sweeps across the surface of the paper reveals the secret essence of things, in an expansion that curiously recalls the one of the Universe. The layout gradually reveals the readable text, evolving within the page like in zero gravity. Reminding those invisible waves that travel through the Universe, what we believed to be empty is full; it only needed to be orchestrated to reveal its content.

Graphic design: Crystelle Bédard
Edition: Céline Pévrier
Correction: Angelique Joyau

A co-publishing sun|sun éditions and Bipolar production inaugurating the collection Les Immatériels, which proposes an editorial extension of multimedia installations resulting from a relationship between arts and sciences. Co-produced by Rurart - centre d'art contemporain, with the support of the Fonds de dotation Agnès b.